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A solid field Sales and Marketing campaign combined with really, really good chocolate makes for rapid growth for a start-up company. Who knew? That leaves the ever-ending task of filling a lot of open positions in the field, across the country.

Pump your network, get the word out and help us find some good people to fill these positions. There is a tremendous amount of growth potential within the brand as five Switch field employees have been promoted to positions within barkTHINS in the past six months.

Available positions:

Area Brand Manager (ABM) – 80% sales, 20% marketing

Activation Manager (AM) – 80% marketing, merchandising & demos, 20% sales

Ideal candidates for either position should have some experience with CPG and grocery retail (within the natural food channel is a big plus). Don’t necessarily need seasoned veterans, just enough experience to show they are familiar with the industry.

Position Compensation:                                         Full-time, benefitted positions.                             Salary: $800-$1000/week                                       Vehicle Allowance: $595/month             Communications Allowance: $60-$90/month      Bonus: 10% of salary, paid out at year-end

Currently looking for:                                                  Los Angeles – AM                                                   Orange County – AM & ABM                                       San Diego – ABM                                                         NYC – AM                                                               Chicago – ABM                                                       Boston – AM                                                            Denver – AM                                                             Austin – AM (possibly looking to fill around the end of this year, beginning of 2016)

More information and application at www.liberateyourbrand or contact:

Mark Schomaker                                                         Field & Mobile Marketing Program Manager           Switch                                                               

o.314.206.7832 m. 314.324.3440 f. 314.206.4585

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