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GBTA St Louis COVID-19 response

March 18th , 2020

Dear GBTA/ St. Louis Chapter Members,

A change the date email will be coming out for the Annual Golf Tournament. Stay tuned!

I understand that this is an unprecedented situation. The spread of the COVID-19 virus is having significant effect on the business travel industry, the global economy and public health. We are all waiting patiently for answers, but as we continue to use our hand sanitizer and our wet wipes we must also look to tomorrow.

As President of our St. Louis Chapter and on behalf of the BOD we want you to know that if you have been let go or furloughed and you are looking for a job please let us know. This is a good time to use your membership as a resource. And, if your company is hiring and we can facilitate job opportunities for our members please advise.

I have always been a team player and believe that we are stronger with numbers. At a time like this let’s come together to make the bad look good and the good feel great. I truly believe we will come out stronger than we went into this mess.

Be a leader for your company and share with them the value of your GBTA/St. Louis membership. Forward the GBTA emails with current updates and continue to share best educated practices.

If there is anything any of us can do please don’t hesitate to ask.

As a continuing safety precaution the BOD will not attend/plan any large event or gathering over the next 30-days and has eliminated booking any future travel on behalf of the St. Louis Chapter.

Thank you for your membership!

Julie & The BOD

Julie Matheny

President, GBTA/ St. Louis Chapter