Public Announcements


Congratulations, Thank you and Welcome!

Congratulations to our GBTA/ St. Louis Chapter Member, Jenny Buchheit from Delta Airlines.  Jenny has accepted a retirement package from Delta for her past years of service. Her assistance with Golf Committee and Education Day Committee were vital to the success of those events. We want to thank Jenny for all her support and time and we wish her continued success in your next endeavors!” Hopefully, we will see he still in the travel industry!

Thanks to Karla Blair and American Airlines for hosting an airport site inspection to share their new “Clean Commitment”. It was so reassuring to see how detailed they are from the ticket counter to baggage. Touchless Ticket Counters and hand sanitizer is available at every turn. They are the first airline to start treating American Planes with SurfaceWise2, a breakthrough coating that provides enhanced protection by sustained killing of 99.9% of viruses, including coronaviruses, on surfaces. This includes drop down trays, public areas, seatbelt buckles, armrests, window shades, seatback screens, air vents, doors and overhead bin handles, inside and out will continued to be cleaned before every flight. Special shout out to Ronny Barnes, the General Manager for AA – he was so gracious and accommodating. If anyone would like additional information or a tour please reach out to Karla. 


Thank you to Jonathan Gonzalez, Delta Account Executive, for hosting a tour of the cleanliness practices with Bryan Street, Delta Station Manager, Neal Stapf, General Manager at Prospect, and Tricia Patton, Operations Service Manager. It was a great experience to have a heads up of what to expect at the airport, going through TSA check points and to see Delta’s dedication to their clientele by installing cleaning protocols to better the travel environment. It was a sincere pleasure to have the opportunity to meet the STL team!.

Welcome to our newest members of GBTA St Louis; Beth Fitzanko, Strategic Sourcing Manager at Bunge North America and Anastasia Kotis, Business Development at Air Choice One.  


We are happy to make announcements on behalf of your company or just a reach out for job opportunities. We know these are some challenging times and we are all trying to hang on the one of the best industries in the world, travel. All of us that have given our hearts and souls to find a way to make a trip special or just stressless are now faced with the unknown of when and if the “old” days of travel will return.  It will be back, but it will be different. Most of us have stayed in this industry because of the great personalities that we have the opportunity to do business with day in and day out. The travel industry personal are made up of creative, smart, energized, fired up, and fearful talent. The future will be what it will be but I can tell you the past has been fantastic. Please stay positive and healthy. Please look for the good and find a way to smile. It can be contagious!

 Thanks again for all you do for our Chapter!

If you have anything you would like to add to our site please reach out to Becky @Becky Schlereth