Business Travel PAC

Business Travel PAC is the bipartisan GBTA USA political action committee or PAC.  As the only federally recognized PAC representing the business travel industry, it gives the industry another voice in the political process.

Through Business Travel PAC, GBTA members education and financially support members of Congress who understand the value of business travel and support pro business travel interests.

participation in the political process is essential.

Please join GBTA in furthering the legislative goals of the business travel industry by contributing to Business Travel PAC. Your generous contributions will go directly to pro-business travel candidates for federal office. NextGen air traffic control modernization, expanding TSA Precheck and CBP's Global Entry and lower taxes and fees are among the policies GBTA's government relations team is championing for you on Capitol Hill.

Business Travel PAC is the collective voice of the business travel industry. Be a part of the voice and donate.   How to donate?   At any GBTA St Louis Membership meetings or reach out to our Government Liaison Ryan Benhoff at [email protected] 

More information on GBTA Government Relations:  The Voice of the Business Travel Industry click HERE

For more information, please reach out to Ryan Benhoff, STLBTA Government Liaison at [email protected]

What It's About

Each of the Challenge tasks are designed to show the business travel industry cares about issues that impact them. As a constituent and a local voter, taking action through an email or making a contribution to the Business Travel PAC tells your Representative and Senator, that these issues are important and should be paid attention to.

GBTA Government Relations: The Voice of the Business Travel Industry

About GBTA Government Relations

GBTA advocates across the globe for policies that better the business travel industry. Promoting passenger facilitation, a healthy infrastructure and a tax and fee system that benefits rather than burdens the traveler are key items for the travel buyers and the travelers they manage.

Developing and advocating for a changing industry is at the forefront of GBTA’s actions. Items such as the Rules of the Road and passage of infrastructure and passenger facilitation is the reason why GBTA is the voice of the global business travel industry. 

Grassroots Advocacy

GBTA members are an active and crucial part of advocating for the business travel industry. Be a part of this movement through the GBTA Action Center allows you to have an active voice on U.S. legislation. From here you will be able to communicate with your elected officials on issues and topics that matter to you.

GBTA St Louis is a member of EPCAT USA and supports efforts to end human trafficking

ECPAT-USA is the leading anti-trafficking policy organization in the United States. As a member of ECPAT International, ECPAT-USA belongs to a network of organizations in more than 90 countries all working together to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

EPCATs Solution:

Legislative Advocacy: We advocate for federal and state legislation that prevents exploitation, protects children, and guarantees that any child who is subjected to sexual slavery or sex trafficking will not be prosecuted in the courts for prostitution.

Youth Education: We empower youth to take the lead against human trafficking by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to help them become activists against this terrible trade.

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